Saturday, May 12, 2012

A few good ones lately

1)  Adrian recently loves Snoopy comics.  One day he told me, "Mommy, too bad I can't bring them to school."  When I asked him why, he said, "Because, no peanuts allowed!"

2) I was picking up Adrian from school March break care and saw his best friend Ted on our way out.  They had been playing Lego during the day.  Since Adrian didn't bring any, Ted suggested him to bring some from home the next day.

Ted: Adrian, remember, BLT, ok?  (Bring Lego Tomorrow)
Adrian: Ok, BLT, Be Late Tomorrow, right?

3) Another in-car conversation:

Olivia: Adrian, do you like girls?
Adrian: What?!!?  NO!  I don't even think that's an appropriate question!
Olivia: Why?  It's appropriate!
Adrian: Oh, you mean do I like girls as friends!  Yes I do, I have many friends who are girls.
Olivia: But I don't think you like girls as sisters... because you are so mean to me...

4) Ho has a radio show and a friend's daughter said he must be famous and rich.  We were laughing at the comment when Adrian asked what we were talking about.
Daddy:  We were just talking about Allison's comment about daddy being famous and rich.
Adrian:  Are you famous then, daddy?
Daddy:  Of course not, far from!
Adrian: So you are not famous, and I know you are not rich.  You are at the most...  a thousandnaire.
We both laughed out loud at his word creation.
Daddy: So what are you?  A loonie-naire?