Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lemon Ginger Bavarian Cream

Cherry's Ginger Bavarian Cream cake made for Diana's birthday wowed me.  It looked very pretty, very professional looking.  I wasn't going to make it so soon because somehow I thought I had to save up the courage to do it.  Now since my custard buns didn't work out for Mrs. Yip, I had a good reason to try making it, a lot earlier than my plan.

The cake is easy to make but assembly is hard, especially when my loose bottom cake pan is thicker than Cherry's. She gave me detailed instructions on how to put the cake together already, but I still had to modify it a bit to fit my thick cake pan.  Livie wasn't feeling well today so the two of us couldn't go to the dinner.  Without me being there to look after the cake, a lot of the lemon mousse was squeezed out when Ho cut it up.  I think the problem was in the mousse, it was not thick enough.  You can see the lemon mousse became very thin from the picture below. Room for improvement again!


  1. From your picture it looks like you put an extra layer of bavarian under the top slice of cake. To me it looks like the bavarian is oozing out instead of the lemon mousse. That mousse recipe should be pretty stiff - depends on how thick you whipped your egg whites and cream.
    Is that a piping of lemon jam/curd on top? That looks so good! And next time, try to add the crunchy almond on the outside too. It's not that difficult and has quite a long shelf life, and it adds a totally different dimension to the texture of the cake. :)

  2. Ahh... you're right, I shouldn't have added more cream between the mousse and cake. Will eliminate that next time. Thx for the advice!
    That's lemon curd. Got some leftover from my macarons. That's my way to fill the gap resulted from lip of the loose bottom pan. Turned out pretty good eh? Re: crunchy almond - I know, didn't have enough time to make it. Will do that next time.