Saturday, January 23, 2010

Apple Pie - Baking Arts Week #2

In the first class we went through all the safety rules, uniforms, tools and stuff.  We also made the pie dough.  They put them in the freezer for us. Then we made the apple pie in week 2.  DE-LI-CIOUS!  Crust was crispy top to bottom, filling was a little too sweet only because we didn't take the extra apple as the instructor recommended.  Love it!


  1. your apple pie looks good. I really would like to try it. DO you think you can post the recipe?

    1. Thank you ginger. Not only does it look good, it tastes very good too. I would not take the credit though becaause I made this under the supervision of our George Brown College Instructor Amjad. Unfortunately I can't post the recipe because of the copyright. It's part of the George Brown Baking Art basic course teaching materials. I highly recommend this course to all baking lovers who live in Toronto area. It worths every penny of the tuition fee!