Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Tonight I was alone with the kids after dining with their grandparents.  There were some tree branches left in the front yard from Sunday.  After I had set up the shower for Adrian, I told Livie to stay with him for a minute so I could go out to pick the branches up.  I guess it was more than a minute until I returned to the washroom.  I saw Adrian driving up himself and Livie in the shower.

Adrian: Mommy, were you surprised?  Olivia and I cooperated.  I left the shower on when I came out and she went in.  Aren’t we smart?

Yes, they’re very smart.  I always set the shower to the right temperature before the kids go in because they may burn themselves if they move the handle (whatever that’s called) too far.  They know not to turn it off so the next person can go in.  I was so touched that they would work things out to ease up my workload.  Suddenly I felt that my kids are growing up.

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