Sunday, August 1, 2010


Our neighbour has 2 boys.  One of them is about Adrian’s age.  They used to play well together a couple years ago.  However, we’ve been so busy going out that we seldom get out in the back yard to play anymore, so the kids don’t see each other as much.  Tonight, Ho and I needed to do some gardening before the sun set, our neighbour had a party at home and they invited Adrian and Livie to their house to play with all the kids.  I thought this would be a good opportunity for the kids to catch up.

After a short while, Livie ran out and told me, “Adrian is fighting with Ivan.”  I asked her, “What do you mean?”  Then she ran away saying, “Oh, never mind.”  Since Adrian had never got into any fight before, I thought a minor verbal argument was what she meant.  Finally our neighbour brought Adrian back and said he and her son had a big argument.  I could see Adrian’s face, he’s really mad.  He started to say bad words and when I tried to stop him, he got more upset and went in the house.

I asked Livie what happened.  She told me,

“Adrian was very brave.  They were playing well at the beginning.  Then Ivan started to use his sword to poke on Adrian.  He (Adrian) didn’t move, he was so brave!  Ivan was teasing him saying, ‘poking a baby, poking a baby.’  That’s when Adrian started to yell at him.”

This situation is first of its kind and I’m so glad to see Livie standing up for her brother.  As you can tell from her words, she loves and respects her brother a lot.  I took her upstairs to see Adrian.  Once he heard that Livie helped us to understand what went wrong, he calmed down a lot faster than usual.  At the same time, we reminded Adrian that he needed to love his sister as much as she loves him.  Livie adores her brother.  They do fight sometimes, as all siblings do, but sometimes when Adrian cries, Livie will bring him tissue, pat on his back, or kiss him on the face.  Even though Adrian is not as good as Livie in comforting others but he will also try to make Livie smile when she’s sad.  Hope they’ll love and support each other like this forever.


  1. What a great one! I have tears in my eyes. It is so good that the kids are getting along so well and supporting each other.