Monday, September 27, 2010

Cantonese Classwork Review

Adrian doesn't speak much Cantonese at home anymore. That's why I have to send him to Cantonese school on Saturday.  He's the type of kid who hates all homework, especially Chinese ones as you can imagine. Therefore, I try my best to sit with him whenever I can to help him with his work. Today, there's a chapter in Chinese which I had to read with him.

Me: Ok Adrian, this is chapter 2.  I'll read a few words everytime, you have to repeat after me.
Adrian: Alright.
Me: Chapter Two.
Adrian: Chapter Two.
Me: Happily going to school...
Adrian:  What?!?  You silly mom!  Didn't you read the agenda?  That's not what we have to read!
Me: What?  I read it, it said "Reading: Chapter Two".
Adrian: Exactly, we only have to read "CHAPTER TWO!"
Me: Adrian, "Chapter Two" means the whole page, not the words "Chapter Two"!


  1. My daughter also hates all homework especially Chinese. Christy

  2. he'll try everything to get away fr doing any work!

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