Friday, September 24, 2010

Kids and Gadgets

Today is Friday in 3rd week of school year.  When I finished my morning shower, I heard the kids talking to daddy already.  I was thinking, "Great, they won't be as rush as the other days".  However when I came out of the washroom, Adrian was playing with daddy's iPhone, Livie was playing with Adrian's Leapfrog, and daddy was in the other washroom playing with his iPad!  Of course they had to rush at the end.  That's why I always tell my friends, I have 3 kids.  My friend described herself as "iPad Widow", I wonder what I should call myself?  When we chat about this at dinner, Ho said, "I'll buy you an iPod Touch, then we can all play!"



  1. in this case, turn yourself into a kid and hire a nanny to look after the 4 of you. :)