Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mid-Autumn (Moon Cake) Festival

A long time friend in Hong Kong found me through Facebook a few weeks ago.  Turned out that she's a homebaker too.  I always admire persistence of homebakers in HK.  They have relatively smaller space and small oven, yet they can do whatever we can do here.  Some of her "projects" look really professional.  Yet she'sso humble to say that they're not pretty, not up to the standard.  I think they're just fine.  She even made moon cakes and a Chinese puff pastry with salty egg yolk. Since she said it's easy to do, I gave the puff pastry 豆沙蛋黃酥 a try for Mid-Autumn Festival.
She's right!  It's quite easy to make.  It's very labour intensive though.  I made the dough last night, on my 8th anniversary night.  Haha...  I must be crazy.  One thing I don't like about this recipe is the taste of clarified butter.  It is so strong that it doesn't even smell like a Chinese dessert anymore.  However, this can easily be fixed by replacing it with vegetable shortening.  After making tang zhong toast so many times, I noticed that omega 3 eggs give less colour to baked goods.  This was exactly what happened to my pastry this time.  Unfortunately when I made these at my in-law's place, they only had one omega 3 eg left.  As you can see, they are as white as Chinese steamed buns.  That's ok, overall the project was still a success.  Ho was so happy with the result that he wanted to give them away to his friends right away.  Another excuse for him to go out to see his friends of course.  :-)

I haven't gotten time to translate the recipe yet, but here's the link to the original 蓮蓉蛋黃酥 recipe I followed.


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