Sunday, March 20, 2011

Change in Plan - Fruit Cream Cake

I felt bad for not having a special cake for my brother’s birthday. Even though the one he cut was beautifully decorated by Cherry at class, my brother thought the buttercream we used was too sweet.  (Not Cherry's fault of course because she only makes perfect cakes!)  I was going to make him a Boston Cream Cake but my pastry cream didn’t pass the storage test and water started to seep out. What can I do? In my pantry I have peaches in a can; in the fridge I have blueberries, raspberries and whipping cream… A simple fruit cream cake it is now.

I had lady fingers in my original design, they can be used with this cake too. They helped a lot because my masking skill is terrible. I used the shortest time to assemble the cake together. When I took the cake to the restaurant, feeling quite satisfied with the cake, my mom looked at it and said, “It’s SO UGLY!” She was not joking, because she hates grapes and anything that looks like grapes. Urgh! Yup, blueberries are lookalike of grapes to her. Luckily, seems like nobody agreed with her. Is it really that ugly?

Everybody focused on the taste. The cake finished quite quickly, that’s a good sign.


  1. Grandma dislikes anything in small sphere shapes, regardless if it is grapes, blueberries, corn, peas. Till this day I still don't understand how the phobia originated from.
    But her comment was just rude. How can that be ugly? Our family is just spoiled. Glad I am not making her cake this year! Ha!

  2. relax, we all found the comment funny. that's how she is anyway. at least it's easy to make her a cake, coffee almond every time! thx for disagreeing the "ugly" comment though... :-)