Thursday, March 17, 2011

Coconut Cookies

I wish all recipes which require egg whites only will come with a pairing recipe suggesting what to make with the egg yolks. I have a big tub of egg yolks saved up in the fridge after my chocolate meringue cake and hazelnut macarons. Cherry told me her bf’s b-day was coming up, I know what to make now – Tony Wong’s Coconut Cookies!

These cookies taste wonderful but are definitely not for healthy conscious folks. But hey, once in awhile is ok, right? Besides, this is one thing that my talented niece won’t make for her bf, it is a little something I can do to thank them for letting me park my car at their place on Saturday class time.


  1. there are still 4 left :) I haven't finished them....yet :))))

    So yummmy, much thanks!

  2. You're welcome! Still 4 left?! You have good control...