Sunday, July 4, 2010

Strawberry Tart

Ever since I picked up this hobby of baking, Ho likes to bring dessert to all parties at friends' place.  I enjoy making dessert for him too.  Then I get to practise more and won't get stuck with the calories.  :-)

I combined George Brown pastry dough recipe and custard from Food Network Ina Garten's Strawberry Tart recipe to make this tart.  Unfortunately I forgot to remove the tart pan before taking the pictures.  Well, the tart still look good in it!

Some people put pie beans on the dough when baking.  It's not necessary as long as you poke enough holes at the bottom with fork.

Don't be alarmed if you see the dough raised at time of baking.  It will fall back down.  That's what happened to mine.

Another thing I forgot was to take a picture before I pour the custard in.  I brushed a layer of coating chocolate on top of the crust to separate it from the custard.  This will avoid the crust from getting soggy from moisture.

The strawberries are so fresh and sweet now.  There is no better choice of ingredient for dessert in this season.

I found a lot of recipes mixing pistachios with strawberries.  I sprinkled a few on the tart.  The colour of this dessert was brightened up a lot because of the green colour nuts.  One small tip: this tart has to be cut with a serragated knife in sawing motion.  Otherwise the crust will crumble.

I had extra dough left for 7 more individual tarts.

The strawberry tarts family!


  1. Ooo look so good! I should try adding pistachio next time!

  2. It tastes good, too!