Saturday, July 3, 2010

Swimming Lessons

After 4 or 5 swimming sessions at community centre, my kids still don’t know how to swim.  For Livie, it’s because she had been sick frequently so she kept missing classes.  For Adrian, he was doing well until he had to go to the big pool.  Suddenly he hated swimming, didn’t even want to walk near the pool.  Therefore we stopped swimming lessons for half a year.

I heard about this swimming school from a friend, so I suggested taking everyone there to have a look yesterday.  On the way we asked Adrian if he wanted to start taking swimming lessons again, he said “No” right away.  Yet when we arrived there, he saw that it’s a difference place, he finally told us what happened at the community centre to us.  He said the last instructor he had at the community centre didn’t give him any warning when she took off her hand on his back, he just sank in water.  He described her as an “evil” instructor.  Then he kept telling his experience to the nice young lady at the reception desk of the swimming school.  When the girl told him that they wouldn’t hire any person with “evil” written on the résumé, Adrian was relieved.  Then on the way home, he couldn’t stop telling me how excited he was about starting swimming lesson the next day.  

We decided to put them in individual class of the swimming school because we want them to catch up quickly on what they learned before.  It was a good decision because I can see how comfortable they were in water today.  They are back to the level where they left off after just one class.  Maybe I should start my swimming lessons soon too!

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