Friday, June 18, 2010

Frankenstein II

Adrian's assignment was to write a story about a puppy using some of the words provided.  Frankenstein II was the title Adrian used.  As usual, he only used a couple and made up the story mostly with his own words.  I don't know since when his mind has started to be occupied by the word "die" and "blood".  Seems like every story he wrote mentioned somebody or some animal, insect died.  When I read title of his story this time, I was wondering what he would write.  Here's the story:

One day, I bought a puppy.  I played with it.  Then it got sick.  We brought it to the vet.  But the vet was Frankenstein!  Now it was Frankendog! It could talk!  We realized it was Halloween!  He took of his mask.  It was daddy!  He said, "Happy Halloween!"

On back of the assignment sheet Adrian even drew a picture of the Frankendog.  Whew!  Finally no one died in the story...


  1. LOL. did you catch Livie's monster story last night at dinner?
    I am not afraid of monsters because I am going to send them to the room to eat garbage!

  2. No woh... She was just saying it, she is still very much scared of monsters. Silly Livie :-)