Monday, February 8, 2010


Olivia is a picky eater and seldom eats at food court.  One day we were doing Xmas shopping and had to get a quick dinner at the food court in the mall.  Olivia as usually didn’t eat much.  Then we finished shopping, we got in the car getting ready to go home.

Olivia:         Where are we having dinner?

Adrian:        We HAD our dinner already!

Olivia:         Where?

Adrian:        In the mall!

Olivia:         What did I eat?

Mommy:     You ate half of a chicken drumstick and a few fries.

Olivia started crying, complaining that she wanted to have dinner again.


  1. Hey, I love the "Secret" one.

    Sasa had another joke about "Secret".

    One day I was trying to look for a snack in the kitchen before dinner time. Sasa came by and trying to catch what I was doing.

    I quickly turned my back to her and hoping she didn't see me.

    Sasa: mom, what are you doing?

    I was munching and try not to answer.

    Sasa: mom, are you eating?

    mom: (reluctantly nodding).

    Sasa: What are you eating?

    I pretended to be very cautious.

    mom: Shh... that's a secret.

    Sasa: mom, I want to eat a "secret" too!

    (it happened when Sasa was 2.5 years old)

  2. haha, i like yours too! thx. u should start a blog for yourself too.