Monday, February 8, 2010

Grade 1

Adrian was chatting with Olivia in the car this morning.

Adrian:        Olivia, do you wish you were in Grade one sometimes?

Olivia:         Yeah, but I don’t really wish to be.  (Well, whatever that means)

Adrian:        Let me tell you, you don’t want to be in Grade one.

Olivia:         Why?

Adrian:        Because, if you’re naughty, the teacher will put your name on the board.  If your name goes on the board 3 times that day, you’ll have to go the office and see Mrs. Serio (the school principal).

Olivia:         That’s ok, I know Mrs. Serio.

Adrian:        If your name goes on the board 4 times, the office will write a note for you to bring home to mommy.  5 times, they will call your mom.

Olivia:         Haha (laughing in relief), I don’t think they have our phone number!

Adrian:        Yes, they do!  Ask mommy!

Olivia was so shocked.  She went speechless for a long while.

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