Tuesday, February 23, 2010


 I didn't realize I was baking so frequently in the past 3 months until I started to look for pictures of my previous baking projects.  This one was made on Dec 6, 2009.  What a nice surprise.  I didn't expect the texture would be like this at all.  Like my husband said, "It's like cutting into a cloud."  Crunchy on the outside, marshmallowy on the inside.  A little too sweet even after I reduced the sugar to 7 oz.  I tried 6.5 oz after.  The crust was even thinner, so it would break easier.  I remember when I broke the first one I made, I also broke into tears because I spent so much time on it.  Luckily only part of it broke and you can't tell from the picture.



  1. I am wondering how much weight gor-chai gets in these few months.

  2. in fact he's been very diligent. his weight has not changed a bit, so far.