Thursday, February 25, 2010

Playing Teacher

Olivia is drawing on her doodle board before bedtime, pretending she is a teacher.  She wrote a "q" and an "a" on the board.

Olivia:  What is the difference between these?

Me:  One is a "q", one is an "a".

Olivia:  No.

Then she erased it and wrote the same thing again.

Olivia:  Now, look at them again, what is the difference?

Me:  (Then I wonder, maybe they are not alphabets, so I said:)  They are both circle with a line.  One line is longer, the other one is shorter?

Olivia:  No, (she pointed at the "q") this is the "a" you learn in PK1 (preschool 1), (while pointing at the "a", she said:) this is the "a" you learn in Grade 1.

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