Saturday, May 8, 2010

Brioche - Breakfast Bread Week #1

When I told people that my Breakfast Bread class would start on the  morning after I had returned from Hong Kong, everyone said I was crazy.  It turned out that I was wide awake since 5:45am.  I didn't feel sleepy until I drove back home.

Our instructor is Chef Torrens.  A lady who has been in the business for almost 20 years.  When Cherry and I arrived, only the farthest 2 tables away from the demonstration table were left.  It's hard to hear her sometimes.  Luckily Chef T came over to check with us very frequently to ensure we got everything right.

This is a much faster group compared to our Baking Arts.  Guess most people are more experienced. The team who shared our table are both working in the industry already.  Considering I was usually the slowest one in Baking Arts, I have to wind up myself to a faster mode and arrive earlier to class for ingredients measurement.

Chef T let us try her brioches, wow, they were so good that the egg and lemon flavour burst out as soon as we tore it apart.  Even though the butter content is high, yet, it's not too greasy when we held it with our fingers, or, maybe it's just how I want to believe it is. :-)  Anyhow, it's very easy to make.  Just need to clarify with chef T on the regular active yeast amount equivalent to the yeast cake we used in class.

Livie's brioche cheese burger!

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