Thursday, May 13, 2010


I was making dinner tonight when Adrian said to me:

Adrian: Mommy, I think I'll miss you a lot when you are dead.

Me: Oh... thank you, I'll miss you too.

Adrian: I'll want to come to visit you in heaven.  Can I?

Me: Of course!  But you don't have to hurry because mommy wants you to live longer, healthy, and happily ever after.

Adrian:  I''ll do a lot of good things so I can go to heaven to see you.

Me:  Good!

Adrian: Mommy, I want you to live for a long long time...

Me:  If I live a long time, I'll be very old.  There will be things which I can't do myself, I'll need someone to take care of me.  Will you?

Adrian:  Yes, I will!

Me:  Then you'll have to study well, learn a lot, be a useful person, and make enough money to look after us.

Adrian:  I will!  I'll give you all my money so you'll be rich.

Me:  Wow, you're so nice.

Adrian: But then I'll be very poor.

Me: No, you won't be.  Besides, mommy will save the money up for you. Then I can give it back to you when you need it...

Haha, I love talking to my kids!

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