Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Train of Thoughts

When all four members of the family are in the car, usually both kids occupy most of the talking time.  Same case this time.  I’d been trying to say something but couldn’t get my first word started.  Very soon I forgot what I wanted to say.  Ho had taught them the phrase “Train of thoughts” before, so he decided to remind them about this phrase.

Ho: Kids, you guys are talking non-stop.  Mommy can’t even remember what she wanted to say now.  What do we call this again?  Mommy has lost her… what?

Both kids finally stopped talking and started to think.  Livie tried to answer first.

Olivia: Her patience?

Ho: Good try, not that though.  Adrian, do you remember?

Adrian thought for a little while and said, “Her mind?

Ho: No, but probably very soon…

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