Saturday, May 29, 2010

Croissants - Breakfast Bread Week#3

I was so sick on Friday that I had to leave work after finishing the period reports.  It was noon only.  I thought, I really need some rest, otherwise I will have to miss baking class and Cherry will be all by herself.  Breakfast Bread is an energy consuming class. It'd be hard to do the dough all by one person.  So I slept for 5 hrs in the afternoon, another 6 hours at night.  It was still not enough for me, but I was determined to attend class.  The result?  I almost fainted in class because I was wearing a mask and the baking lab was exceptionally hot that morning.  I needed air!  I ended up rolling my dough improperly so my croissants looked weird.  I tore one of Cherry's proofing croissants, and I forgot to add the eggs in our dough for next week's danish class.  Luckily Cherry saw the eggs on the table and added them to the dough before it's too late.  Wow, Cherry's croissants were so perfect looking.  Mine?  I went home to cut them up, some of them were hollow!  It happened when I only rolled the sides of the dough, the centre was almost untouched.  So those ones made with sides of the dough were not proofed properly to the right size.  They looked so bad that it's too embarrassing to post the picture here.  Here's one of the better ones.

I also did a batch with cheese.  Most of them were hollow.  The outside looks ok, the shape is nothing compared to Cherry's.  Even though croissant is not my favourite, I may just do it one more time to make them right for once.

I better recover soon, otherwise, I'm sure Cherry won't register other classes with me ever again!  Who would expect on the same night, I even cut my fingers!  I'm really sick!


  1. my croissants were not that good looking either. I just had a bit of experience before from rolling Pillsbury croissants. You just have to roll it really tight, lightly shake the dough to make the triangles symmetrical, that's about it.

    even though our dough was leaking butter the croissants still taste good! I want to do it again just to prove I can do it. I just need a bigger countertop :S

  2. i did pillsbury croissants too but they don't have slit in the centre. admit it, u r gd! luckily i have u as my partner. thx!