Saturday, May 15, 2010

Chelsea Buns - Breakfast Bread Week #2

It was a busy morning for Cherry and I.  We had to do both chelsea buns and the coissant dough for next class.  I had never heard of chelsea bun until this course.  So it is a spin of cinnamon bun with honey and butter glaze inside, cherries and pecans on top.  We also put blackcurrents inside.  Since both Cherry and I are not big fans of cherries, we only put cherries on one of the bun pans.  We also put the minimal amount of glaze and cinnaman sugar inside to ensure it's not as sweet as those cinnimon buns we see out there in the stores. 

It was actually the coissant dough in second half of the class that wore us out.  Hope it will turn out ok next class.

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