Saturday, May 1, 2010

Squid Gang Reunion

So excited to see my high school friends in Hong Kong.  It’s been 12 years since I last saw them.  They’re my best friends.  There are some friends in your life who you’ll always feel close to even though you have not been keeping in touch with frequently.  We spent the most important teenager days in high school together, our values are similar.  No matter how long we have been apart or how far we are away, we can always have things to talk about.  It’s like I never had left.  I was so surprised that they remembered my birthday and had a cake ready for me.  I knew there’d be a cake but didn’t expect it to be a birthday cake. Too bad Nicole wasn’t able to join us.  With her, that will be the perfect reunion.  We still had a great time at Christine’s place though. 

Can’t believe the buildings are so high in Hong Kong now.  I used to live on the 29th floor and I was bragging about touching the clouds sometimes.  Now the normal residential buildings can reach 60th floor or higher.  Beyond my imagination!

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