Friday, May 7, 2010

On the flight back

Finally the last day in Hong Kong.  I kept my promise by taking the kids to the hotel restaurant for buffet breakfast.  All they wanted was rice crispies with milk.  That’s a HK$98 per kid buffet man!  They just enjoyed the freedom of going out to the food table to take whatever they wanted.  Luckily the manager was so kind not to charge us for Livie.  Well, anybody can tell she doesn’t eat much.  She’s so tiny.  Ho didn’t join us because he had to do the last minute shopping, ha!

We were on the plane back to Toronto.  There were a lot of kids on the plane.  Wow, there were a brother and his little sister, should be younger than 2 years old because she didn’t occupy a seat.  They were fighting 70% of the flight.  The sister was constantly crying and the brother was constantly yelling at her.  I felt so bad for those sitting around them.  Strange thing was, they were sitting with their mommy and their daddy was sitting at one row behind.  If I were the one sitting beside the mommy and kids, I would have offered to exchange seat with the daddy so he could help to separate the kids.  Well, maybe there’s a reason I don’t know.  Anyway, compared to those kids, Adrian and Livie were so quiet and well behaved.  Livie was a little grumpy because she was tired but didn’t have enough room to stretch and sleep.  She was fine most of the time.  She had a comment about the airplane when I took her to the washroom.  I accidentally hit her head with my elbow.

Olivia: Mommy, did you know your elbow hit me?

Me: I’m sorry, but we don’t have much room when 2 of us are in the washroom.

Olivia: Why do they make the washroom so small when the plane is so big?

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