Sunday, May 16, 2010

Future - Livie's version

We were having dinner together, Livie said to me:

Olivia: Mommy, when you are very old, I'll help you.

Me: Thank you, Livie.  How old will I be when you help me?

Olivia: When you are old and cannot walk, I'll help you.

Me:  I see.  How will you help me?

Olivia: I will buy you walking stick or wheel chair.  I see all old people need that.

Then she told me that she saw an old person using both walking stick and wheel chair at the same time.  She thought it was very funny.

Not sure why suddenly both my kids thought about me getting old.  Do I really look that old?  I think it's because we met a lot of older relatives when we were in Hong Kong who make them think people getting old.  At least this is my wishful thinking :-).

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