Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Black Forest Cupcakes

Two nights prior flying to Hong Kong, haven't started packing, lots of laundry to be done, tons of food in the fridge to be cleaned up, yet realized I organized a baby shower for my team member the next day at an odd 12:15pm lunch time with an ice cream cake as the treat.  That is so improper!  Will people eat ice cream before lunch?  What should people do from 12 noon to 12:15pm?  I decided to make some cupcakes, so at least people can grab it and save it for later. 

I didn't even buy any ingredients!  I do have some cocoa powder and whipping cream at home.  So I decided to use the GB Black Forest recipe to make cupcakes.  Oops, no cherry pie filling!  Ok, I have strawberry jam.  Since we used the whole recipe to make 4 black forest, I used half of the recipe thinking it should be enough for 36 cupcakes.  I could only do 20 and they are small ones too.  I already reduced the temperature from 380F to 355F.  I saw that the batter rose within 10 mins.  Then I started smelling something burning after 4 mins.  I quickly took them out. 

All the ones baked with non-stick dark muffin pan were burnt on the outside.  I carefully cut them out with a paring knife.   I was cutting and mumbling to myself, "only if I had booked a later time for the shower..."

I cut the cakes into halves, jammed them up and save them for the morning.  Luckily I have some whipping cream and for whatever reason, I bought some stabilizer long time ago which came in handy now.  I whipped 2 cups of cream to fill the cupcakes.  The recipe is so good that even after the sides were cut, they are still very moist and soft in the centre.  I assembled the cupcakes this morning and finished them with chocolate sprinkles.  I'm happy with how they look.  I'm not as stressed now:-)  And I managed to move the shower to 3pm.  Everything went well!  Yay!  Baking is a stress relief for sure.

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