Friday, April 23, 2010


Second day in Hong Kong.  Both kids are still suffering jet lag.  Livie  fell asleep while we're having afternoon tea with Ho's high school friends.  Luckily there are strollers available for guests at the mall, so I didn't have to hold her for the whole time.    Then she woke up and Adrian took the spot and fell asleep while we went shopping.  I have to say, for the amount of sleep they'd gotten, they had been behaving super good.

Since we don't like the shampoo offered at the hotel, we went to buy shampoo and conditioner to bring back to the hotel.  The conditioner was mainly for Livie because her hair is long.  Adrian was so happy that he wanted to take a shower right after we returned from dinner.  He came out and told me that he mixed the shampoo and conditioner together (home made 2 in 1?) when he washed his hair because he wanted his hair to be clean and soft.  He also put the condition on his body also because he wanted his skin to be soft too.  Until then we realized that we had never told him how to use the conditioner.  He didn't need to use it when he was in Canada.

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