Thursday, April 1, 2010

Livie's drawings

Livie loves drawing.  She uses lots of colours and she likes to draw anything related to her family.  I don't know where she picked up all the colouring skill.  She actually can use one crayon to colour from light to dark shade.  I'm sure she'll do even better after she starts her art class.  The studio only accept 4.5 years or older.  I'll let her try after Easter. 

She always gives us her drawings as gifts.  Here are a few she gave me.

She told me this is our house.  The pink top is the roof, the heart is the door.

You can tell she's a happy girl.  The characters are all smiling.  I think they're skiing or surfing in this one.

A card she wrote for the family.  She actually wrote this on the envelope of the card.  Notice the "tail" on Daddy's "Y" and Family's "a"?  Livie thinks that all cursive ends with a tail.  She thought she was writing cursive letters.  On the back of the envelope she drew herself there.  So cute. 

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