Saturday, April 24, 2010

Good girl

This is the 3rd day of our visit in Hong Kong.  Same as yesterday, Livie woke up first.  This time at 7:15am.  I vaguely remember she got up and got a drink of water.  Then when I really woke up, I realized that she had already brushed her teeth and started doing more worksheets!

I'm so touch!

We went to Harbour City and let them play in and arcade with  indoor playground.  Then we took the kids to Toys R Us.  Livie saw some Lego type of toy and started putting something together.  When we asked her what it was, she said it's a roller coaster.  She did such a good job that the promoter even put her finished work on display with the others.  We took so pictures.  I'll post them when we return to HK.  When we asked Adrian what he was making, he said, "I'm making something that I don't know what it is."  Again, very deep...  Ha!  :-)

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