Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chatting with Livie

Another early morning for Livie.  This time after doing her homework, it’s still too early to wake up the boys, so I tried to brush her teeth and change her, getting ready for the walk and breakfast like what Ho and Livie did the other day.  While we were in the washroom, Livie and I were chatting again.

Olivia: When your tooth and gum are itchy, it means that your tooth is falling off.

Me: Who told you that?

Olivia: Adrian did.  He knows a lot because he’s in Grade 1.

It’s nice to see that she admires her brother so much.

Me: Livie, aren’t you happy to see yee-sum (aunt Jennifer) today?

Olivia: Yes.

Me: What do you think she would have bought?

Olivia:  I wish she would buy another mommy like you.

As you can tell, she’s a real brown noser.

Remember Adrian loves Tempo?  He loved it so much that today when he saw the bulk pack on shelf while we were passing by a local pharmacy, he insisted on buying the big package to bring back to Canada.  That’s the first souvenir he bought in HK.

The next day, Adrian kept complaining about too tired and wouldn’t carry his own backpack.  That’s when we found out that he had filled his backpack with the whole 30-pack Tempo in there!  Of course later on Livie wanted one package for herself too.  So our hotel room was filled with about 70 little packs of Tempo for rest of the trip.

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