Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ocean Park

We had had a lot of luck with the weather within our trip in HK.  Not too stuffy, and not too hot.  It’s the day for Ocean Park.  We invited a friend and her 15 month old daughter to go with us.  Fortunately we tuned Livie’s clock with a nap yesterday, so she was able to sleep to 7am this morning.   Last time when I was there was 12 years ago.  It had changed so much.  I’m so happy to see Adrian taking good care of the baby.  He had matured a lot after this trip.

We took the Ocean Park cable car together.  Adrian was so excited that he started to walk around in the cable car.  Ho and I were very nervous because we’re both scared of heights.  To add to the excitement, we got stuck for a couple of minutes in the air because there were some maintenance crews needed to climb down a tower.  Luckily we saw them climbing down so we knew that was the reason, otherwise, it could be a quite frightening experience for us, just me and Ho.  The kids didn’t care.  We just had to keep reminding Adrian to sit still.

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