Thursday, April 1, 2010

Adrian's First Science Project

I posted this on Facebook before but I will start including these on my blog too.  This was from end of November 2009.

Adrian is now in Grade One.  It seems like he had grown up so much suddenly.  He's taking French, computer, and he has science projects to do too!  This is his first one: Look for items in your recycling bin and build and object with one of them.  Present it to your class and explain function(s) of the object.

Instead of taking one item, I got several for Adrian to choose from.  He ended up using them all.  I was expecting him to make something like a boat, a car, or a plane.  But he made this:

Adrian told me that it's a shopping mall.  The plastic egg carton are the windows, paper sticking out from the soya milk box is smoke from chimney, tissue box is the lobby and the cans are revolving doors on the side.  I have to say, I'm quite impressed.

Here's the side view of the "mall".

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