Thursday, April 1, 2010

What did you say?

Bath time is Livie's and my moment together.  Noise of the shower may cover our words sometimes, but it will never cover our laughter.  I was giving her a shower today, I was amazed to hear Livie speaking some words in Mandarin.

Me:  Livie is so smart!  You are very good at languages*!

Livie: Mommy is .......... (she was mumbling in the shower), mommy is so pretty.

Me:  Uh?  What did you say?

Livie: Mommy is pretty.

Me:  Thanks, I could hear that one but what was the sentence before that?  Mommy is what?

Livie: Ugly?

:-( I still don't know what she was saying in the first sentence.

* (Livie's Cantonese is even better than her brother now, these are all peer pressure.  Adrian's best friends all speak English, Livie's best friends speak Cantonese)

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