Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I ate a turtle

Adrian is in Grade 1 and they started to have creative writing in class a few months ago.  They have tests on it in class too.  Students will be given a set of words to create a story with.  They can decide on the title.  I'm not sure how much time they are allowed for each story, but since they only need to write about 4-5 sentences, probably the time limit is about 15 mins.

Last week Adrian brought a test folder back home for us to review.  Teacher wrote a comment on top. "Cute!"  The set of words are: turtle, family, spoon, eat, and something else.  I forgot.  Title was "I Ate A Turtle!"  Here's the story:

One day, dad was hungry.  Yuck!  It's a turtle!  Dad went to bed for 100 hours!  He woke up and said, "I'm free!"

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