Monday, April 5, 2010


Livie woke up middle of the night calling me last night.  That's right after Adrian woke up from a nightmare.  (They were overtired and over excited from the party in the evening.)  When I went to work this morning, all 3 of them (including daddy) were still in bed because they were so tired from waking up at night (yup, the whole family was up).  When Livie woke up in the morning, she called me at work to explain that she had a nightmare too.  She said mommy went to somewhere they didn't know.  Livie was in a deep dark forest with Adrian, Daddy was there also trying to take them back to school.  Then a witch came to catch them.  Therefore she was calling for mommy for help.  Later on, at our favourite chatting time - shower for Livie - she told me the second part of the dream, (ha, didn't know there's a part 2)

Olivia: I was thinking about Eleesha all night long last night too.  She was with us in the forest with other kids.  We were all crying waiting for you to save us.

Me: Was daddy crying too?

Olivia:  No, he knows the way, he was trying to take us back to school.

Me:  What about Eleesha's mommy?

Olivia: She was with us.  Then we heard some footsteps sounded like someone walking in high heels.  We thought that was the witch coming to catch us.  We were so scared.

Me: What happened after?

Olivia:  The footsteps were yours, you came to save us.  Then we were very happy standing around you and hugging you.

:-)  I like it, mommy was the heroine who came to save them.

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