Monday, April 19, 2010

Strawberry Shortcake - Baking Arts Week #12

It's our last class in Baking Arts!  I'll be so lost!  Too bad I couldn't find my little camera that morning so I missed the chance to take a picture with our instructor Chef Amjad.  I'll miss him a lot!    After watching those Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen shows, it's a relief to have a nice and approachable instructor like Chef Amjad :-).  Hope our breakfast bread instructor will be as nice and helpful as him.

I took this cake to a dinner party at night.  It was too dark in the house so we couldn't get very good pictures.  Ho's hands were not steady enough to do clear shots, he must be anxious to try the cake!  The strawberry tuxedos were done by me and Chef Amjad.  I did the shirt and jacket and he offered to do the bow tie and buttons for me.  They are so cute!  I got so many compliments on the cake, which made the $600 course all worthwhile.

This is a better view of the layers.  I took it after everybody had their piece.

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