Monday, March 1, 2010

After School Care

This is a sweet one.  We'll be going back to Hong Kong for a couple of weeks.  Grandparents will be leaving earlier, which means no one will be able to pick up Adrian after school for us.

Me:  Adrian, we may put you in after school care fo 2 weeks.  Then we'll go to Hong Kong together for a visit.

Adrian:  Why?

Me:  Because Grandma will be away earlier than us.  In fact daddy's time can be more flexible later.  He maybe able to pick you up first.

Adrian:  No, I want to go to after school care.  Then daddy can do more work.  Even after he finished his work, he can eat something, get a full stomach.  After than, he may even do the work for tomorrow, then he won't have as much to do the next day...

He's a sweet boy...

Adrian:  Oh mommy, after school care ends at 5pm everyday.

Me:  No, it's 6:15pm.

Adrian:  No, I saw the schedule posted, it's 5pm.

Me:  That's strange, the school care fee listed it's 6:15pm.

Adrian:  It's 5pm, that's when Ted's and Felix's (Adrian's best friends) parents pick them up!


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