Thursday, March 25, 2010

So Sweet

Adrian loves his family a lot.  He also started to talk very early.  I remember when I told Jennifer that Adrian could make the "ma" sound when he was 5 months old, she said me I was hallucinating.  Then Adrian said "ma ma" right after.  Of course he didn't mean to call me, but it was amazing to hear a baby could make such a sound so young.  Adrian likes to listen to us chatting too.  If Ho and I were silent for awhile, he would tell us, "你哋傾偈啦!" (please chat).   Of course I have to chat with him a little while every night when I tuck him to bed.

This happened when Adrian was about 2 and 1/2 years old.  I had not been sleeping well because Adrian had night terrors a few times since Livie was born.  I had acne on my face.  That night I was tucking Adrian to bed as usual.

Adrian:  媽咪,你塊面呢粒咩嚟㗎? (Mommy, what is that on your face?)

Me: 呢D叫暗瘡,你同妹妹成日唔瞓覺,攪到媽咪唔夠瞓就會生瘡㗎喇。(That's called acne.  I can't sleep well because you and Livie are keeping me up all the time.)

Adrian suddenly pushed me on to the bed and covered me with a blanket.  He said:

"你快D瞓啦,咁就唔會生瘡瘡喇!" (You go to sleep quickly, then you won't get acne)

He's so sweet.


  1. Adrian and Olivia are both super sweet. You should tell the "My house is your house" story here!

  2. I remember that one but I don't recall when the detailed conversation was. Can you send it to me and I'll post it please? Thx.