Saturday, March 20, 2010

Black Florest Cake - Baking Arts Week #9

Wow, this was the most stressful class for me so far.  While I was struggling to put cream on the cake, I tried and tried.  No matter how much cream I added, the side of the cake kept showing after I smoothed the cream with a spatula.  While all the people around me were finishing their first cake, starting the second one, I was still masking my first one.  The others were washing utensils, tidying up, I was still smoothing my cake!  I so wanted to finish it and leave...  So frustrating.  Turned out that the instructor said I had reversed the base plate that was holding the cake.  No wonder.  Cherry tried to help me but I didn't want to slow her down.  I ended up to be the last one in the class to leave.  Students from the next class had arrived, but I was still washing the mixing bowl...

One thing I'm happy about is the chocolate shavings I made.  They really look like logs in the forest. :-)

I felt totally defeated after this class.  Cake decoration is my weakness.  Felt so lucky that I took Cherry's advice of doing one cake only.  Otherwise, I would be stuck with a half decorated cake.  Then I would feel worse.  At least I have a completed cake now.

Hmm... I can bring this cake to my lunch party tomorrow, but it's too small.  I started baking another pavlova.  Still waiting for it to cool down in the oven.  I did not make the dent deep enough.  It expanded.  I hope the cream won't fall off too quickly.


  1. Don't be so hard to yourself... you did a wonderful job. The cake looks great! I'm giving away both of my black forest cakes (or otherwise I would eat them all). You have to tell me how they taste!

  2. the cake was a hit last night at my party, after we hard-sell it of course. We were all too full at that point. The cake itself was surprisingly really moist and tender. I was worried about the holes in the cake but they didn't show at all.
    Now we have another cake to practice at home, you can have all the time to finish it. Be determined, focus, and don't be so hesitant, wipe off the cream after every movement and it should be easy. If there is cream sticking to your palate knife, the cream will glide away the cream that is supposed to be on the cake and your cake will never be smooth.

  3. Thanks. So now you know the cake tastes like. It's so moist and soft! This is the only chocolate cake recipe I'll be using from now on. As for my cake decorating skills... big room for improvement. I won't give up!

  4. Thanks for the tip. I tried decorating the second cake tonight but I had left the cake in the fridge section for too long. Lots of crumbs fell off. I'll practising my decorating skill for sure!