Thursday, March 25, 2010

New England Roasted Cornish Hen

Recently passed by a restaurant which I used to go to a lot in Scarborough.   It's called 老地方.  It reminded me of their really good Cornish hen dish.  I remember I ordered soy milk with it all the time too.  Those were the days when I first immigrated to Canada.   Since my family loves to eat and I was the first one in the house who had a driver's license, I drove my parents, brother and niece  everywhere to try new restaurants (my sister-in-law had not arrived at Toronto yet).  This 老地方 was the farthest one I drove to.  I wonder if their dish still tastes as good as before.   When I saw the hens at grocery store, I had to pick them up, just for the old days.

Since this is the first time I had ever made a meal with Cornish hen, it's safer to follow a successful recipe.  This is a very easy one.  8 good reviews on Recipezaar.  I meant to marinate the hens last night.  However, I felt asleep at Livie's bed again.  Luckily I could get up early to prepare the dish.  It took me about 20 mins to wash the hens, split them into halves and then marinate them.  I would never buy zipper bags from dollar store anymore.  My meat fell out from bottom of the bag again.   Last tune was the ribs, this time was the Cornish hens.  I had to spent 10 more mins to clean up the mess.  I called Ho to take the hens out from the fridge when I was on my way back home from work.  By the time I got home, The hens were almost at room temperature.  I put the hens in the oven immediately.  While waiting for the hens to be cooked, I made honey garlic veggies and pasta with Alfredo sauce.  Kids' comments?  See them for yourself...

Livie said, "It was an awesome, bossome (?), blossom dinner!"  Adrian wanted to bring the same thing for lunch tomorrow.   Compared to the days when I spent so much time making varieties of baby food in exchange for my kids saying, "No, I don't want it!", nothing can be more satisfying to me than receiving compliments from them.

Here's Adrian's lunch box tomorrow. :-)

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