Friday, March 26, 2010

Slimy Puddy

Last year Adrian was invited to a friend's birthday party.  One of the gifts in loot bag was a slimy puddy.  Honestly I really don't know why anyone should play with these things.  They are as slimy as the name, residue stays on your hand and little pieces fall off here and there.  There was also a long warning message on back of the packaging telling you that it will stick to clothes.  Yet it didn't tell you what to do if you have it stuck anywhere.

So, Adrian had lots of fun at the party.  When I asked the birthday child's parent about the puddy, "What do you do with this thing?"  She told Adrian, "You can throw it at people."  Urgh...  Thanks.   I reminded Adrian many many times, play carefully, or rather, DO NOT play with it.  He does follow instructions well, he didn't touch it that day.

Next morning, Adrian woke up before Ho and I.  He happily came to our bed, wanted to show us his loot bag gifts.  While I was half asleep, suddenly I remember that puddy.  I sat up trying to remind Adrian about it.  It's too late!  I heard daddy screaming, "What's that on my hair?"  Oh no!  Daddy had very long hair last year, his artistic look!  I cannot describe the expression on daddy's face.  Remember there was no instruction on how to remove the slime?  After daddy tried to pull the slime out of his hair for 15 mins, I suggested, "Maybe it's time for you to go back to your short hair look."  Daddy said the slime was stuck close to the scalp that he might need to shave his hair off.  I know he was cursing in his mind, but he had good control of that in front of the kids.  Suddenly I thought of the alcohol patches we had at home.  Those are for medical use.  Since I don't use nail polish, alcohol will be our closest bet compared to nail polish remover.  More than 1 hour later, after using about 50 alcohol patches, finally we got the slime out.

Adrian was so scared all that time, he didn't say a thing.  At the end, I told Adrian to say something to daddy.  He went up to daddy and said, "Sorry daddy."  At least we know for sure he won't play with those slime thing ever again.


  1. Ouch, that's a lesson in a hard way. Good thing that he can keep his hair!

    Thought I read that if you have gum stuck to your shoe you can put ice on it and it will come off after a while. Not sure if it will work on the slim putty and I hope you won't need to use this trick ever.

  2. We didn't have any ice at home when it happened. Even if we did, with Ho and I half awake (then turned to nervous), we wouldn't have thought of that. Thanks for reminding me though, like you said, hope we'd never need to use it. :-)