Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cookies - Baking Arts Week #8

Very tired today.  Started off hurting my hand when I tried to attached the whip to the standmixer.   The bruise is going to stay for a long while.  Oh man, it HURTS!  Lesson taught us, always attach the whip or whisk when there is no ingredients in the bowl.  The butter was too hard and it was in the way when I put the whip in the middle.  Well, I learned it the hard way.

Pretty neat looking cookies.  I piped the rosettes too big at the beginning.  Instructor wanted me to redo all of them.  Every cookie should be in 2-bite size.  That's ok, look on the bright side, I got more chances to practise.  :-)  Yet it made us the slowest team to finish piping and baking the cookies.  It was a lot of fun making them in different shapes.  Cookies can be so versatile.  We only used jam and chocolate, see how many variations we made?  I even wrote the kids' initials on 4 cookies.

I like the "S" shape the most.

Then we drizzled chocolate on some, dipped chocolate on some, or squeezed jam on or in between to make cookie sandwiches.  However, GB recipe used half shortening and half butter.  I find the cookies fluffy enough with volume but the flavour is not strong enough.  I'll use all butter if I'm going to make them again.

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