Saturday, March 27, 2010

Swiss Rolls - Baking Arts Week #10

Personally I'm not a big fan of Swiss rolls, my mom is.  Yet I understand what we would be learning from class is different from my mom's favourite Hong Kong style rolls.  It's good to see if there's any tricks behind to keep the sponge cake from breaking in the rolling process though.

Voila!  Bread flour, high temperature, and short baking time are the keys.  Bread flour to hold to volume, high temp to cook the batter fast, and short oven time to keep it moist.  After watching our instructor literally "folding" the sponge cake but the cake still didn't break, I thought it's failure proof.  However, mine still broke.  The instructor said I rolled it too tight.  Therefore, one more trick - roll it loosely.

I did 4 different designs on my rolls.  First 2 had way too much cream on them.  Haha, real reason was, I had to use the cream to cover the flaws, i.e. cracks.  Last 2 were better I believe.  I added more almond crumbs on top of one.  (Picture on top of this post)  Not as plain as the other ones.

Here are all 4 of them lined out.  Just like how my son likes to line his cars on the mat.

I find the sponge cake texture feels a little bready.  If I'm going to do it again, I may use cake flour to keep the volume and see if I can get a lighter texture, IF, I'm going to make it again.

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