Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Zerba Cake

When was the last time I baked?  It was only last Tuesday but it seems so distant to me already.  Looking at Cherry's and Jennifer's blogs, I have to work hard to keep up!  Then I decided to make an easy fun looking cake last night.  When Ho, my husband, asked me why I was baking late at night, was it for work?  I told him, oh, you have a business meeting tomorrow morning.  This is for your breakfast. I can always find myself an excuse to bake. :-)  He's satisfied and went on with his housekeeping.  I have to give him credit for tidying up the house.  He does a very good job when he is determined.  It's almost like we moved to a new house these days.

So it is supposed to be an easy and fun looking cake.  From the original post http://cookingcrave.blogspot.com/2009/10/zebra-cake.html it is.  When I did it, it's not.  I couldn't find emulsifier and chocolate emulco anywhere.  First defeat there.  I read from a site saying that as long as I beat the batter long enough with ingredients added in proper order, I wouldn't need the eimulsifier.  As for the emulco, I just melted some bittersweet chocolate to replace it.  The batter was fine, until I added the chocolate/water mixture...

It was fun scooping the batter in the pan and see it spread out in 2 colours just like a zebra.

I like taking pictures of my baking in the oven lately...  It's exciting to see it rise properly even without the emulsifier.

Freshly taken out from the oven.  You can still see the rings on top.  After letting cool in the pan for a few minutes, the cake separated from the pan nicely by itself.

I cut it up...

Oh no!  All the chocolate batter sunk to the bottom!

Oh well, I think I will simply melt the chocolate and mix it with cocoa with just a few drops of water next time.  Then the chocolate batter won't be too thin to sink.  Yet, the texture and taste are both very good.  As cookingcrave said, it's not too sweet.  I like it and will definitely make it again.  Hopefully I can post pictures of a cake with the 2 batters separated line by line very soon.


  1. If it is too thin then it should rise instead of sinking to the bottom. So definitely the chocolate was too heavy and it doesn't matter how much water you add to the chocolate batter.
    I would add cocao powder to the flour before I add in wet ingredients. Don't you think?

    Anyway, the cake still looks cool!

  2. Can't unless I do the batter twice. I have to separate it into 2 parts, one with colour, one without.

  3. Well... I'm not qualified to give advice but I think the cake looks amazingly soft and moist. I LIKE!!!