Monday, March 29, 2010

Question to Teacher

My kids are very social, especially my son.  He will talk to anyone.  We have to keep reminding him the danger of talking to strangers.  He also asks a lot of questions.  Sometimes we find that he knows more than we do.  On Friday Livie told me that her teacher was off and wouldn’t be back until Monday.

Me: Do you have another teacher who helps Mrs. Griffith for now while Mrs. Chan is away?

Olivia: Yes, we have a Mr. Lee.

Me: I haven’t heard of him.  Is he new?

Olivia: Yes.  There is a Mrs. Lee too.  She’s in another class.

Me: Is Mr. Lee from another class?

Olivia: He’s from upstairs.

Me: Oh…  That Mrs. Lee is Mr. Lee’s wife?  (In case they are just temporary volunteer helpers.)

Olivia:  Yes.

Adrian: No!  They are not married to each other.  They are just friends.

Me: How did you know?

Adrian:  Because I asked him.

Mr. Lee and Mrs. Lee are not even in Adrian’s class.  You can imagine the scene when Adrian walked up to the teacher and asked him about his “relationship” with another teacher.

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