Thursday, March 4, 2010

側田's song - 好人 (Justin's song - Good Guy)

I don't remember when this conversation happened.  I just know it's when 側田's song - 好人 (Justin's song - Good Guy) was a hit.  Adrian must be around 3 or 4 years old then.  He was listening to the song.

Adrian:  Mommy, 隻歌講咩㗎?(What is this song about?)

Me:  講一個好人囉。(About a good guy)

Adrian:  邊個嚟㗎?(Who's that?)

Me:  唱歌嗟,無呢個人。(It's just a song, there's no such person)

Adrian:  係壞人? (It's a bad guy then?)

Me:  唔係,唔係真係有個人。 (No, the song is not about a real person)

Adrian:  假人? (A mannequin?)

Me: ...

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